To thrive, healthy businesses need healthy communities. AACL improves the quality of life and enhances the vitality of the communities in which we operate by supporting community sustainability efforts. Sustainable communities recognize the interdependence of social progress, economic success and environmental excellence.

AACL is a promoter member of Mahad Manufacturer’s Association which has set up a medical treatment facility in the industrial area for the benefit of employees, their family members and also the local residents towards fulfillment of its Corporate Social Responsibility. The Company takes pro-active measures in various philanthropic activities to promote community welfare.

AACL participates as a committee member of the Central Effluent Treatment Plant run by the Industrial Area (MIDC) to monitor and control the depletion of environmental assets in the interest of humanity at large.

Through financial contributions and the active volunteer participation of employees, AACL provides support to programs and non-profit organizations that address one or more components of community sustainability.


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